Gamsleiten 1
6-seater chairlift

6-seater chairlift with all-weather hood,
Tauernlift GmbH Obertauern

The couplable 6-seater Gamsleiten 1 chairlift operated by Tauernlift GmbH carries you from the pass heights in the heart of town all the way up to the red Tauernrunde. The Gamsleitenbahn 1 with all-weather hood brings you to the northern slopes of the Obertauern ski area in Salzburger Land.

Especially in springtime, the ski hills of the Gamsleiten offer outstanding piste and snow conditions. At the top of Gamsleitenbahn 1, simply transfer to Gamsleitenbahn 2 and ride up to the highest point in the Obertauern ski area.