tow lift

Ideal tow lift for beginners,
Tauernlift GmbH Obertauern

The Kirchbühel tow lift operated by Tauernlift GmbH is an ideal beginners' lift for anyone taking lessons at a ski school. And because of its gentle slope, this west-facing piste is also perfect for beginning snowboarders. The lift runs a half-hour longer in the afternoon in order to bring guests back to the pass heights.

Parking can be found at the Grünwaldkopf P3 car park as well as Sonnenlift P4. The Kirchbühel lift also features a permanent race hill with automatic timekeeping. If you wish to schedule a time for organized ski races, please contact Tauernlift GmbH at the Grünwaldkopfbahn valley station, Tel. +43 6456 7226 12.